A Taste of Things to Come?
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Mad cow disease was bad enough, but foot and mouth really put the boot in. It sent Britain reeling and the continent shaking. Is there any rational astrological reason for Britain’s drubbing? When will it finally end? Is this a one-off scare or the beginning of a drawn out catastrophe?

There are many astrological tools that could be used to examine the above issues. Amongst this menu of astrological techniques, I would like to add another item to the list – macro-astrology. Macro-astrology is the study of the precessional ages such as the Age of Pisces, Age of Aquarius etc, but with a difference. The difference is that unlike the contemporary approach to precessional ages to date, macro-astrology does not wallow in confusion, lack of clarity or approximation.

Macro-astrology is based on a rectification of the ages accurate to within fifteen years. Based on ages that are approximately 2150 years each, fifteen years is a very small error. Because this rectification is relatively very accurate, many overlooked secondary attributes of precessional ages are available as tools and aids. These secondary attributes include: the decans of ages (approximately 716 years each); the twelve-fold division of ages into sub-ages (approximately 179 years each); the decans of these sub-ages (approximately 60 years each); and the twelve-fold division of sub-ages into micro-ages (of approximately 15 years each).

Comprehensive details of the mechanics of macro-astrology can be found at the Macro-Astrology Research Center website at: http://communities.msn.com/MacroAstrologyResearchCentre/

Whatever details are required to examine the current livestock catastrophe will be introduced as required. Macro-astrology is extremely simple and the only astrological elements used are basically the twelve zodiacal signs combined with the threefold and twelve-fold sign sub-divisions commonly known as decanates (decans) and dwadasamsa (duads).

The rectification used in macro-astrology has the Aquarian Age commencing in 1462AD or up to fifteen years earlier. There is ample circumstantial evidence that the Aquarian Age commenced around this time. This date just precedes the discovery of the New World in 1492AD, the rapid acceleration of scientific inventions commencing with Leonardo da Vinci (1452AD – 1519) and the steady democratisation of key nations over the following centuries.

The reason 1462AD, or up to fifteen years earlier, is used as the start of the Aquarian Age is because it `works’. It works for the ages, age-decans, sub-ages, sub-age-decans, and micro-ages. At any time in the past or present, the synchronicity between all of these astrological periods and historical events can be demonstrated without resorting to esoteric historical facts – mainstream history will suffice. Basically `the proof is in the pudding’. The pudding in this article is Britain’s and Europe’s livestock disaster.

There are only two astrological contenders for the current scenario – Scorpio and Virgo. This is based upon the active signs of the day. Based on c.1462AD as the start of the Aquarian Age, the first few sub-ages in the Aquarian Age are displayed in Table 1:

Table 1
Date Sub-Age
1462 Capricorn
1641 Sagittarius
1820 Scorpio
1994 Libra
2179 Virgo

Based on the above, 2001 falls in the Libra Sub-Age of the Age of Aquarius. However this can be misleading due to a quirk in the nature of astrological periods in macro-astrology. This quirk is due to the retrograde nature of precessional ages.

Precessional ages traverse the zodiac `backwards’ due to the precession of the equinoxes. Normally the first decan encountered in Aquarius is the Aquarian decan, followed by the Gemini decan and ending with the Libran decan. Down at the sub-age level (duads), the first duad of Aquarius is usually Aquarius, followed by Pisces, Aries and so on until the last duad – Capricorn. Due to the retrograde nature of the precessional ages, when Aquarius is first encountered, it is encountered at the border with Pisces, not Capricorn. The first decan encountered is Libra, and the first duad is Capricorn.

As a result all astrological periods in macro-astrology are weakest at their beginnings, and strongest at their ends. For example, at the end of the Age of Pisces, the age is Pisces, the age-decan is Pisces, and the sub-age is Pisces. Referring to Table 2, immediately after 1462AD, with the start of the new Aquarian Age, the age is Aquarius, the age-decan is Libra and the sub-age is Capricorn. The former is a `triple’ Pisces influence, while at the start of the Age of Aquarius, the energy is split between Aquarius, Libra and Capricorn.

Table 2
Age Aquarius
Age-Decan Libra
Sub-Age Capricorn

The energy of an astrological period in macro-astrology starts off slowly and steadily builds up to its maximum strength at its end. It does not simply disappear at the end of its period. It breaks like a wave over the following period. Though the Aquarian Age commenced around 1462AD, the Pisces wave has engulfed the succeeding centuries. It could be argued that Pisces continues to exert a greater influence upon the world today then does Aquarius, an argument I would agree with.

Due to the above Overflow Effect, a `chart’ for any time requires knowledge of the astrological period in effect and the overflow from the previous period. Table 3 demonstrates this for the period c.1994 – 2008:

Table 3
Period Overflow
Age Aquarius Pisces
Age-Decan Libra Pisces
Sub-Age Libra Scorpio
Sub-Age-Decan Gemini Scorpio
Micro-Age Virgo Scorpio

The relevance of ages and age-decans with the livestock crisis can be ignored as these influences effectively should extend approximately 2150 years and 717 years respectively and there is no reason to believe this crisis has attached itself to the energy of an age or age-decan. This leaves only sub-ages, sub-age-decans and micro-ages. Though the sub-age is currently Libra, it is too new to be of concern – the same applies to the Gemini Sub-Age-Decan. This leaves only the Overflow from the Scorpio Sub-Age, Sub-Age-Decan and Micro-Age plus the Virgo Micro-Age itself.

Scorpio is setting the environment or background for the current situation but it is the Virgo Micro-Age (c.1994 – 2008) that is the first contender as the chief antagonist. The problem with the Virgo Micro-Age is that its length is fifteen years, the same as the possible error in macro-astrology. This means that in 2001, though Virgo should be in the vicinity with a fifteen years development followed by the fifteen years overflow, the exact rectification of 2001 in relation to this Virgo Micro-Age is only an estimate at present. Based on current circumstance it is unlikely that 2001 is in the first half of the Virgo Micro-Age, or at the last half of its overflow. A fifteen years micro-age followed by a fifteen years overflow gives a thirty years period of possible influence. I am assuming 2001 finds itself in the middle fifteen years of this thirty years spread.

Therefore 2001 is likely to be no more then seven and a half years off the peak of the Virgo Micro-Age (at its end). Currently this date is taken to be 2008. This is placing pressure upon the current rectification of the Virgo Micro-Age ending in 2008 and suggests that it should be shifted earlier by at least approximately five to seven years, but more circumstantial evidence would be required before taking such action. I am taking the view that the Virgo Micro-Age is notably strong at present. If this is true the following Leo Micro-Age should also be notably strong in about fifteen years time -around 2016. In the Libra Sub-Age (c.1994 – 2178), the first micro-age is Virgo, followed by Leo, then Cancer and so on until the Libra Micro-Age.

Why should the Virgo Micro-Age be the antagonistic agent with the current livestock disaster? The traditional areas that come under Virgo’s rulership are health and work. On the mundane level, this would indicate public health and employees. Referring to `The Rulership Book’ the following are also ruled by Virgo: animals; criticism; farms, gardens and agriculture; humane societies; working class; civil servants; textile industry. It is the farms and animals that most concern us.

Is there any historical evidence that has implicated Virgo in the past? The first place to look is the previous Virgo Micro-Age (c.1835 – 1848), the second micro-age in the Scorpio Sub-Age. The environment in this earlier Virgo Micro-Age was different, as the overflow from the previous Sagittarian Sub-Age was very potent, and fiery. This often stirred up the workers into violent protest but through the smoke one thing stands out – the Irish potato famine of 1845. Though first experienced in the USA, and also affected Britain, Ireland bore the brunt of this tragedy. It is believed at least one person in six died in Ireland either due to the famine or from death at sea fleeing from the crisis.

There are always famines, wars, pestilence etc in probably all centuries since historical times. The potato famine of 1845 was not the first to strike Ireland, many had preceded it, but the famine in the Virgo Micro-Age was the severest, propelling it to a higher order of magnitude. It contributed towards the Irish Diaspora that had so much effect upon America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The previous Sagittarian Sub-Age (c.1641 – 1819) also had a Virgo Micro-Age (c.1671 – 1685) but nothing of major significance was discovered there. This is to be expected as Micro-Ages behave like people on the ground as viewed by a airplane passenger - after take-off the people on the ground are the first to disappear while streets, buildings, towns etc remain visible! The further back in time, the larger the astrological period required as the required minutiae gets lost!

A deeper examination of the Virgo Micro-Age (c.1671 – 1685) does reveal some items of interest. `The Timetables of History’ reveals a flurry of medical publications between 1670 and 1678. Amongst these publications is `Observationes medicae’ in 1676 by Thomas Sydenham, the `English Hippocrates’.

The earlier Capricorn Sub-Age (c.1462 – 1640) not only had a Virgo Micro-Age but it also had a Virgo Sub-Age Decan (c.1462 – 1521) with the Virgo Micro-Age ruling the last fifteen years. This increase in its period of duration allows a far clearer perspective then does the smaller Virgo Micro-Age in the Sagittarian Sub-Age. This Virgo Sub-Age-Decan is located in the midst of the scientific revolution that was in full swing just inside the new Age of Aquarius and spurred on by the scientific Capricorn Sub-Age.

With so much scientific enlightenment in progress, medical and health fields had their share of developments, particularly in anatomy, modern surgical methods, clinical examinations of patients, drugs, proto-germ theory and even attempts to regulate medical practitioners in Britain. England had a small frenzy in founding hospitals, especially for the armed forces leading eventually to field hospitals by 1596.

Also, the plague made a swathe through Europe. It struck in 1528 in England, 1562 Paris, 1563 in London killing a quarter of its population, 1575 in Italy and Sicily, 1592 in London with 15,000 dead, 1599 in Spain and another severe outbreak in England in 1603. These are only the major outbreaks. In addition to the plague a syphilis epidemic reaches Europe in 1494, a severe influenza epidemic affects all of Europe in 1557 and 40,000 people in Lisbon died from an epidemic. To cap this off, of the Mexican Indian population in 1519 is estimated at 25.2 million – this dropped to less then 3 million by 1576 due to plagues, disease and illnesses.

The first book on agriculture was printed in England in 1523. In 1543 English farmers were restricted to owning less then 2,000 sheep. In 1553 the potato is first described in a European publication. New crops such as the tomato are introduced in England due to recent explorations. Carlo Ruini published a manual of veterinary science in 1598. There was a wheat shortage in Europe around 1510 consequently most European peasants and the poor were forced to eat alternative grains with mind- altering properties resulting in hallucinations, depression, nausea etc. In 1586 there was a corn shortage in England.

The above events are not startling in one respect, because plagues existed before and after Virgo’s influence. However it is not every century that the 22 million people `disappear’ from one country - or a quarter of London is decimated! However these events with strong Virgo links appear to congregate around Virgo periods.

There is of course a whole Virgo Sub-Age that can be referred to in the Pisces Age. That distant Virgo Sub-Age (c.203AD – 382) and its following overflow is overshadowed by the decline and fall of the Roman Empire to barbarian invaders. However around 410AD alchemy reared its head, beginning the search for the Elixir of Life as one of its main objectives. The only significant general health problem was in the overflow of this Virgo Sub-Age when in the first half of the 6th Century, thirty years of plague kills half the population of Constantinople.

It is not until antiquity that further significant support is given to Virgo and its relationship to farms, agriculture and animals. The Taurus Age (c.5092BC – 2887BC) had as its middle age-decan the Virgo Age-Decan (c.4354BC – 3620BC) with a significant overflow over the following 700 years. Farming and agricultural improvements did not wait for this Virgo Age-Decan to get the ball rolling, nor did farming improvements end after the Virgo overflow dissipated. This is an important point to remember in macro-astrology.

At any time in the past or present the perceptive astrologer, historian or anthropologist should discern all twelve zodiacal signs in play. This is how things should be. However when any astrological period is examined, specific events matching the zodiacal sign should extend themselves slightly above the pack like trees competing in a rainforest. In a Virgo period, Virgo `trees’ should have a slight advantage and push their upper branches slightly above their non-Virgoan neighbours. The duration of an event should be in the same order of magnitude of the corresponding astrological period. A Virgo ruled event from a Virgo Age-Decan should be some orders of magnitude longer in duration then from a mere Virgo Micro-Age. The former should be in the vicinity of seven hundred years or more, the latter only fifteen years or so.

An explosion of farming improvements and even medical developments is noted in that ancient Virgo Age-Decan (c.4354BC – 3620BC). Around 4000BC a number of developments took place. The most significant improvement in Europe and Scandinavia was the introduction of the plough and cart. Tribesman in Africa commenced herding sheep, goats and cattle. Farmers in Peru commenced domesticating llamas and alpacas and growing crops. The early Indo-Europeans tamed horses. Chinese evolved from hunter-gatherers to settled farmers with domesticated animals and growing millet and rice.

Early French brain surgeons introduce trepanning to successfully cure some mental illnesses. Other medical practices employed at the time were amputations, dental techniques and the use of herbs as anesthetics, antidotes and remedies. These medical practices were common around the Mediterranean at the time.

In the overflow from the Virgo Age-Decan farm animals commenced to be used for traction by 3500BC in Europe, maize is cultivated in Mexico by 3000BC at the same time farming villages are being established in the Indus valley and agriculture is introduced to Korea. The Virgo Age-Decan and Overflow was a time of agricultural and horticultural fecundity and helps to place our current Virgo Micro-Age (c.1994 – 2008) into perspective.

I had been on the lookout for this Virgo Micro-Age since 1994. In 1994 I published the booklet `Research Notes On Macro-Astrology – The Rectification of the Aquarian Age’ (available in electronic form from The Macro-Astrology Resource Centre website). At that time, my rectification was slightly different. I then expected the Virgo Micro-Age to commence in 2009, or up to fifteen years earlier. I was very aware that my rectification was probably tardy. Though I followed mad cow disease in the 1990’s with much interest, it was not enough evidence to convince me that the Virgo Micro-Age had arrived.

Not until 2000 was I convinced that the Virgo Micro-Age was firmly in position. It was not only the spreading calamity of mad cow disease that provoked this conviction. Other issues provided enough substantial evidence that 2009 was far too late for the start of the Virgo Sub-Age. These issues include the following conspicuous developments: genetically modified (GM) crops; the cloning of Dolly; AIDS; and the Human-Genome Project.

All of these related issues have a link to both Scorpio and Virgo. Scorpio is very strong in the first half of the 21st Century due to the Overflow from the Scorpio Sub-Age (c.1820 – 1993) and the Scorpio Sub-Age-Decan (c.1936 – 1993). Scorpio invokes everything to do with sex, implicating DNA. Thus Scorpio is strongly linked to GM crops, cloning and the Human-Genome Project. AIDS is generally considered a sexually transmitted disease – its Scorpio link.

As a side benefit of the Human-Genome Project, new approaches to diseases, especially cancer and the more intractable diseases, are being developed. Breakthroughs, and promises of breakthroughs in the near future, are being reported constantly in the media. Breakthroughs in the genetic tampering of plants, fish and animals are being reported almost weekly. Though all of this has a strong Scorpio connection, these developments are occurring in a Virgo field of action.

Once Virgo is dissipated over the next fifteen years or so, Scorpio will still be on a roll, and will look for other outlets to vent its passion. Scorpio will move on and shift heaven and earth in a new area soon - Leo to be specific. But in the meantime it is a Scorpio-Virgo duet and the world has to cope with whatever they throw up. Mad cow disease is a case in point. Mad cow disease can also demonstrate the Scorpio-Virgo connection as this disease was promulgated through feeding cows with dead cows and other dead animals infected with the disease. In this case it is Scorpio death combined with Virgo farm animals and unhealthy practices.

Every cloud has a silver lining. Although Europe is dismayed at the twin disasters of mad cow and foot and mouth diseases, especially in Britain, the timing of these problems can be identified with the Virgo Micro-Age. These problems should have an impact in the order of magnitude of fifteen years. Astrologically, it may already be over the crest. Furthermore, in the same way genetic engineering is revolutionising the mainstream medical approach to disease and illness, horticultural practices will be revolutionised as a result of the current disasters. Out of disaster the phoenix will rise.

The same may not apply to AIDS. Though western and developed countries have lifted their game in preventative techniques this disease is on the level of a pandemic in Africa and underdeveloped countries. AIDS is related to Scorpio and is probably riding the back of the Scorpio Sub-Age Overflow or Scorpio Sub-Age-Decan Overflow affecting the world for either around 180 years or 60 years at a minimum. AIDS may be exacerbated in the current Virgo Micro-Age. Also a medical breakthrough may be developed in this micro-age to combat or limit AIDS. Medical discoveries will continue ad infinitum but the current Virgo Micro-Age and overflow will stand out due to the extent and rate of developments in disease control, especially through genetic engineering.

Only a slice of Virgo has been examined in this article. Virgo touches on many other areas such as the workforce, conservative political sentiment, and extremely critical electorates to mention a few. I have noticed that the micro-ages are very influential in depicting the overall sentiment of the times. This can be translated into fashion, music and movie genres, artistic styles, and outlook. If this is the case then the world is currently suffering from a severe case of `not seeing the forest for the trees’. The ability to see the big picture is temporarily lost as the level of detailed information and its investigation swamps the world.

The prognosis for the current livestock disaster is a short-term situation because it appears linked more to Virgo then Scorpio. It could get worse before it gets better. Other outbreaks of the same disease or other problems affecting animals or crops could break out anywhere in the world. Hong Kong recently had its chicken virus scare, Malaysia its pig virus, and who knows what other associated problems that are occurring in distant lands that do not make it to the news of the western media?

Another astrological link to the current livestock disaster is that according to Rex Bills, Pisces rules Europe. In a Virgo period, some effect should be experienced by all Pisces ruled areas as Pisces is opposite Virgo. Perhaps this is a clue to Europe having to bear the brunt of this major crisis? Another example of the Virgo-Pisces polarity is the developing trend internationally to treat illicit drugs (Pisces) as a medical issue (Virgo).

The prognosis is different a few centuries down the line. The world is currently in the Libra Sub-Age (c.1994 – 2178). Following the Libran Sub-Age is the Virgo Sub-Age (c.2179 – 2356). Virgo will make a solid stamp upon the world between 2300 and 2450 when its energy peaks and overflows. This Virgo Micro-Age will commence in about six generations. Problems associated with genetic engineering probably will not overly affect the current century, but the same cannot be vouched for in a few centuries time. I suggest to everyone to pass on a message to your descendants to take out good medical insurance and sell the farm.

It will not be rerun of the current Virgo Micro-Age, which is really a Scorpio-Virgo duet. The Virgo Sub-Age will be working directly in the path of the Libran Overflow. This Libran Overflow is powerful, as it is the overflow from an age-decan, not just a sub-age. It is likely that the world in about three centuries will be dealing with serious public health issues and problems on farms with horticulture and agriculture. The current livestock crisis is only a small taste of what is to come. Europe will have more then its share of problems. It is unlikely that the future problems will be identical to the current crisis, but any issues will be far more potent.

From an astrological standpoint, the current crisis opens the door in the search for the next Leo Micro-Age. At a minimum it should be obviously affecting the world by fifteen years from now. The Leo Micro-Age could start anytime now, and theoretically may already have commenced. The current disaster could be the manifestation of Virgo having recently peaked (at the end of its micro-age) and overflowing into the next Leo Micro-Age. Astrologically this is exciting as it opens the door to a development that is at the cutting edge of macro-astrology.

It is theoretically possible that the fifteen years micro-ages can be further divided. If the five years long decans of micro-ages can be discerned, this would reduce the current fifteen years error used in macro-astrology down to five. This may be possible but a lot of `static’ is found down on the five years level. After all, macro-astrology does not exist in a vacuum – there are the planetary cycles of the outer planets plus their combinations providing other cycles for synchronisation of historical events and astrology and so on.

(See Postscript re a minor error in the following two paragraphs re the order of micro-age decans)
Can a decan of a micro-age of approximately 5 years each be isolated? While the Virgo Micro-Age Overflow `washes’ over the new and upcoming Leo Micro-Age, it should pass over first the Sagittarian Micro-Age-Decan then the Aries Micro-Age-Decan. These micro-age-decans should nudge their way into a five years spectrum. Looking for Sagittarius and Aries is the task at hand.

What can be expected from the Sagittarius and Aries Micro-Age-Decans, each having a five years window of opportunity? Sagittarius should breed a very positive economic climate. Breakthroughs and calamities in international travel should be evident. A social trend towards morals and even philosophical perspectives. A generally optimistic time but probably involving too much boasting. Following Sagittarius, Aries of course will increase the heat of any conflicts with a greater tendency towards war and violent means to solve political problems with less compromise evident in hostile relationships. Pronounced sporting achievements and events. Engineering feats such as massive buildings, bridges and tunnels. Aries is usually associated with the development or employment of new destructive weapons, especially projectiles, which include rockets.

It cannot be assumed that these micro-age-decans will push themselves through the static and be clearly seen. As each astrological period in macro-astrology gets smaller, the effects get subtler. Even massive ages such as the Aquarian Age are subtle, though some expect the Aquarian Age to arrive emblazoned in rainbows. However I believe these micro-age-decans exist, and should be detectable. The telescope needs to be applied to the present. If these micro-age-decans can be detected in the present, their location in the past should be readily verified. This would provide another powerful predictive technique currently unavailable in macro-astrology.

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I had an embarrassing lapse of concentration in some of the above paragraphs. Aries and Sagittarius should be reversed. The three decans of Leo are Leo, Sagittarius and Aries but due to the retrograde nature of precessional periods these decans are reversed so that the first decan, chronologically speaking, of the Leo Micro-Age is Aries, followed by Sagittarius then Leo. It does not intrinsically change the above.