A Brief Overview of the 21st Century
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Because the macro-astrology hypothesis is derived from rectification, its proof depends upon the many correlations that exist between ages, especially their sub-periods, and historical events. Despite the subtlety that exist within astrology, the various astrological periods based upon the precessional ages and their sub-periods can be discerned and I believe are as obvious as the signs as used in genethlialogical astrology. However if astrology was not subtle there would be little, if any criticism from the academic and scientific community. Some astrologers expect that an age, such as The Aquarian Age, should commence with a big bang (i.e. in a very obvious way). There is no evidence to support such speculation.

A valid argument against the macro-astrology hypothesis is that at any time in history, an alert and perceptive astrologer can discern any of the 12 signs. Therefore any rectification can be made to work. However if this reasoning is taken to its logical conclusion, then the 12 signs used in tropical astrology could not have been discovered either because a perceptive astrologer could discern any of the 12 signs in any person. It would have taken some painstaking work to identify the characteristics of the 12 signs of the tropical zodiac (i.e. it would not have been obvious). In the same way, I believe that the application of the precessional ages and their sub-periods is not initially obvious. Nevertheless painstaking analysis indicates the clear existence of the precessional ages and their sub-periods. The strength of the macro-astrology hypothesis does not lie in its obviousness but in its consistency, as is the case in genethlialogical astrology.

The macro-astrology hypothesis consistently performs. A random selection of any precessional age or their sub-periods displays a well defined correlation to the sign in question. The only limitation appears to be historical accuracy and the quality of historical data available. Therefore 15 years long micro-ages may be difficult to discern after four or more centuries. The further back in time, the larger the astrological period required to compensate for the loss of fine detail in historical data.

Finally if an astrological theory cannot be used as a predictive tool, it cannot compete in the mainstream of astrological lore. Therefore the following section demonstrates in a small but not insignificant way, the scope and breadth of the macro-astrology hypothesis based on examples in the past, present and future.

The energy of Pisces, just after the end of the Pisces Age, was at its strongest, while the new Aquarian Age, was at its weakest. The Pisces Age Overflow swept like a wave over the succeeding centuries even though these centuries are in the Aquarian Age. This Aquarian Age is only slowly developing its wave, which like Pisces, will peak and break, but about 2,150 years later around 3600 CE. This does not mean that Aquarius did not make its presence felt when it arrived around 1462 CE, it is just that Pisces dwarfed it.

Nevertheless, the new Aquarian Age, despite being overshadowed by the Pisces Age Overflow, did managed to strike the world suddenly, unexpectantly and totally transformed the world in a matter of only three or four centuries. The discovery of America by Europeans (the New World) in 1492, the growth of personal freedom and democracy and the technological inventions commencing with the Scientific Revolution in the 15th and 16th Centuries. And this was only the beginning of Aquarius!

The 21st Century is engulfed not only by the overflow from the Pisces Age, but also the overflow from the Pisces Age-Decan (c.744 – 1462). This is because decans of any precessional period exhibit the same property of this Overflow Effect. The energy of an age-decan is less then that of an age, but more then that of a sub-age. There is a strict hierarchy in macro-astrology. The first decan of the Aquarius Age is the Libran Age-Decan (c.1462 – 2178), but this does not peak until its end around 2178. Until then the Pisces Age-Decan has its way most of the time. The 21st Century is another century bearing the full brunt of Pisces.

Most of the periods discussed in this paper can be found in Table 2:

Table 2
Start End Age
Start End Age-Decans
Start End Sub-Age
703BCE Aries
702BCE 1461CE Pisces
1462 3604 Aquarius
3605 5726 Capricorn
702BCE 21CE Scorpio
22CE 743CE Cancer
744 1461 Pisces
1462 2178 Libra
2893 Gemini
2894 3604 Aquarius
1462 1640 Capricorn
1641 1819 Sagittarius
1820 1993 Scorpio
1994 2178 Libra
2179 2356 Virgo

Due to the above Overflow Effect, a `chart’ for any time requires knowledge of the astrological periods in effect and the overflow from the previous periods. Table 3 demonstrates this for the first half of the 21st Century:

Table 2
  Period Overflow
Age Aquarius Pisces
Age-Decan Libra Pisces
Sub-Age Libra Scorpio
Sub-Age-Decan Gemini Scorpio

What sprang out of the Pisces Age in its overflow and thrust itself through the stack of centuries facing it? For one thing the Pisces Overflow pulled Pisces-ruled corporations out of the hat leading the way to the current supremacy of the corporate and capitalist world. This was given so much acclaim in the 20th Century that it was considered that free enterprise (i.e. unfettered capitalism) came from God, and everything else was virtually evil. The 21st Century will be another century chained to the corporate bandwagon, as there is little to counter this Pisces momentum.

The Pisces Age Overflow gave a big boost to Europe, which according to Rex Bills, Pisces traditionally rules. But on the pedestal it gave us America. The US appears to be a strange hybrid of medieval values and Aquarian ideals. It could be argued that America’s medieval social orientation was incubated in the Pisces Age in Europe (and probably many other parts of the world) and kept alive in a virtual sanctuary in the USA. Noam Chomsky states that present-day America is a continuation of five centuries of European Conquest. This is in accordance with the Pisces Age Overflow technically commencing in c.1462.

Macro-Astrology also provides an alternative framework for viewing history. Medievalism is a case in point. From our perspective in the 21st Century medievalism appears to belong to many centuries ago. However, based on the techniques of macro-astrology, medievalism, aligned with Pisces, is alive and strong. The situation is clouded over by the technological and democratic onslaught of the new Aquarian Age. Behind our technological world lie medieval values. Furthermore the majority of the world’s population do not live in a technological world but live in often very primitive conditions in medieval-like atmosphere. The 21st Centuries is another century in the Age of Techno-Medievalism. Science and technology as a tool of societies little changed in its medieval outlook, albeit with a little democracy tacked on, attributed to the embryonic Aquarian Age.

The Pisces Overflow also gave us drugs, starting with tobacco. It also brought compassion and an appreciation of the fine arts. Outstanding accomplishments echoing the ethos of the closing age, age-decan, sub-age etc are usually found at the cusp of precessional periods. Shakespeare (1564 – 1616) was a daunting, if not the greatest, literary figure the world has known. Is it coincidence that he was born soon after the end of the Pisces Age? Does poetry and prose sit well with Pisces? Pisces is only at this strength only once approximately every 26,000 years. The Pisces Age also appeared to `give’ the world the most famous and mystical astrologer of all – Nostradamus (1503 – 1566). Again, is this a mere coincidence?

Shakespeare and Nostradamus show the vibrancy of the Pisces Age near its peak (though technically inside the Aquarian Age). Leonardo da Vinci (1452 – 1519) appears to have had a foot in either camp. His Aquarian foot made strident advances in scientific understanding while his Pisces foot produced the Mona Lisa and his other artworks.

Probably the strongest sociological or cultural impact that Pisces has had upon the world is the addition of religions. Nearly all of the world’s religions developed in the Pisces Age (c.702 BCE – 1461 CE). The impact of these religions has spread far and wide in the Pisces Overflow period (i.e. post 1462), especially Christianity allied with Pisces Europe. The 21st Century has little to protect itself against the Pisces-religious momentum,

Being objective about the present is like lifting the rock you are standing on – it is very difficult. Five hundred to a thousand years from now, our medieval-technological world generated by Pisces will be more objectively viewed. Basically, Pisces distorts perception. Can we be expected to clearly see the world as it is under such a sign? We think we are modern because of technology – is this just an illusion? After all, should modern society follow our forebears and use the ultimate that technology has available for the construction of weapons? There is nothing modern to this, and in essence nothing on a fundamental level has changed.

With a distorted perception, societies depend upon feelings and even intuition to guide their way. Feelings can be positive or negative. As a result, the world under Pisces lurches forward. At any time any dubious charismatic group or leader can extol their followers to murder in the name of God, solve their problems by purifying their society or create equality through a dictatorship of the proletariat. Many even believe that all problems will be solved by capitalism, that `truth, justice and the American way’ is superior or the problems of pollution and population explosion will be solved by scientists, the new alchemists. These are all very medieval values.

The Aquarian presence in today’s world as a result of over five centuries of the Aquarian Age is much more established than many astrologers give credit. The average reader has personal freedoms that were a rarity prior to the Aquarian Age. Your can choose your religion, or not have a religion. You can marry, stay single, and be heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual or celibate. You can chose your occupation and to a certain extent, your place of residence. You have a voice in choosing the many different levels of government. What we take for granted was not the norm prior to the Aquarian Age, and even until recent times in the Aquarian Age. This situation has at least one precedence.

Ancient Greece in the 4th, 5th and 6th centuries BCE was also under the influence of Aquarius – the Aquarius Sub-Age (c702 BCE –521 BCE) and its overflow post 521 BCE at the start of the Pisces Age. Historians state that in that distant time the formative ethos of western culture was established. The ancient Greeks valued democracy and freedom to a much greater extent compared to long periods on either side of it, and until the growth of democracy in modern times. However like today, Aquarian freedoms and democracy were for the elite – those from the upper socio-economic classes such as the upper class in Athenian society.

In the world today, those countries in the upper socio-economic class have their freedoms, while the rest of the world continues in their medieval existence, or some stage between medievalism and democracy. In many counties it is only the upper socio-economic class that enjoy real freedom – and America could be classified in this context until recently (i.e. active anti-black disenfranchisement occurred up to the 1960’s and some claim continues to this day). The establishment of the democratic ideal in modern times is still in its early days –as is the Aquarian Age in its early stage. The extension of the democratic ideal awaits the further subsidence of Pisces-medievalism.

However the real mover and shaker on the ground in the 21st Century is the Overflow from the Scorpio Sub-Age (c.1820 – 1993). Certainly the death due to war or cold-blooded murder in the Scorpio Sub-Age exceeded any known historical period, though much of this can be attributed to the Sagittarian Sub-Age Overflow that coincided with the Scorpio Sub-Age. All fire signs increase the conflict level. Under Scorpio the transfer of power away from royalty was virtually accomplished in this 179 years sub-age, overthrowing and transforming a world political structure that had dominated for well over a thousand years. This is a historical example of Scorpio at work. It is not too subtle!

The Scorpio Age Overflow will be the most noticeable influence in the 21st Century, especially the first half of the century. Scorpio rules excrement, and the world’s excrement is pollution. As a result of the scientific breakthroughs of the Capricorn Sub-Age (c.1462 – 1640) particularly in its overflow post 1640, the technological knowledge was provided to the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution resulted in an unprecedented expansionary productive output, appropriate for the Sagittarian Sub-Age (c.1641 – 1819) and particularly in its overflow post 1819. Following this, the world is experiencing the transfer from Sagittarius to Scorpio, especially its overflow period post 1994, with its focus upon pollution.

Pollution commenced demanding headlines in the second half of the 20th Century, as the Scorpio Sub-Age came to a close, and it came to its most powerful time. Very little is likely to change in the pollution stakes in the first half of the 21st Century, when it will be under two Scorpio influences – the Scorpio Sub-Age Overflow and Scorpio Sub-Age Decan (c. 1936 – 1993) Overflow. Pollution will not be `controlled’ or at least managed until after the mid 23rd Century, and especially for the next one and a half centuries. The first sub-age decan in the Virgo Sub-Age (c.2179 – 2358) is the Taurus Sub-Age Decan (the sign opposite Scorpio). It will not be until this Taurus Sub-Age Decan peaks and attained full strength (i.e. at the beginning of its overflow period) around mid 23rd century that there will be any possibility of seriously reducing the impact of pollution upon the world.

The politicians of the world will be unable to focus upon the problem at hand. By the second half of the 21st Century the pollution situation will deteriorate to a lawyers’ haven. Consequently no honesty will be brought to bear on the situation. This will be due to the fruition of the first sub-age decan of the Libran Sub-Age (c.1994 – 2178) – the Gemini Sub-Age Decan (c1994 – 2053). The world will basically divide into factions and the focus will go to the divisional legalistic conflict. However Gemini is opposite Sagittarius, and so some slackening of economic activity, which feeds pollution, most likely will develop in the 21st Century, especially in the second half. It may not bode well for the stockmarket.

It should also be expected that the ongoing religious intensity in the 21st Century has a medieval element to it due to Pisces’ continuing strong presence in the 21st Century. Continuing turmoil will be created between the modernists and the traditionalist of all religions. However Scorpio demands evolution, often in a traumatic fashion. Iran is a possible case in motion.

A little over 20 years after the overthrow of the Shah of Iran and the establishment of an Islamic republic, the seemingly harsh Islamic law is under threat from the younger generation and liberal elements. A liberal currently controls the government with the Muslim clerics opposed to the many liberal reforms. Under Scorpio, the Iran revolution could be seen as but one step in a process of evolution. The influence from the current Virgo Micro-Age temporarily favours the clerics, but in 15 years time, the conservative backing from the Earth sign of Virgo will be gone. Will the final transformational stage then appear in Iran? Or will it take 60 years (i.e. a sub-age decan length)?

The current Libra Sub-Age (c.1994 – 2178) is also the last sub-age of the Libran Age-Decan (c. 1462 CE – 2178) of the Age of Aquarius. Though it should have the beneficial effect of thinning out wars and conflicts in the 21st Century, it is also an ambivalent sign. Libra does not have the `roll up your sleeves and get to work’ ethos of Aries, its opposite sign. So the 21st Century should experience less conflict but more pollution because the world will not be able to focus its energy to the prime problem at hand.

Though this Libran element is not at its peak in the 21st Century, it should have developed enough of a momentum (since 1462) to seriously slow down the Aries Age Overflow (commencing 702 BCE), and any Fire element appearing in the 21st Century. The emphasis under a blossoming Libra Age-Decan (and sub-age) is towards compromise and comfort, not war. However all conflict is not born of outright war. There most likely will be considerable turmoil under the Scorpio Sub-Age Overflow in the 21st Century due to vicious and vindicate strikes by elements that are shaken and vulnerable to a world that is losing its solid base (Taurus suffers under Scorpio). People will virtually rebel against change, only to produce more change for them to rebel against.

The Scorpio Sub-Age Overflow will continue to undermine traditional social structures due to the fact that Scorpio is a Water sign and all Water signs oppose traditional and conservative Earth signs. Societies around the world will respond to Scorpio as though an enemy without form is attacking them – like some dark phantom wraith. The feeling of vulnerability will be palpable. Vulnerable people and societies look for enemies and scapegoats.

Under the medieval Pisces Age Overflow and the Scorpio Sub-Age Overflow societies will continue to blame minority elements within their midst for any shortcomings. In multicultural societies, religion or race will be the focus for dispute. However persecution of the emerging drug sub-culture will also be very popular, as it will be even easier for conservative governments and political parties to vilify an evil satanic and depraved drug user. This will continue a tradition developed in the Scorpio Sub-Age, especially by fascist elements such as the Nazi’s in Germany in the 1930’s.

All Scorpio related elements in society and world affairs will continue to unfold in the 21st Century. Scorpio is opposite Taurus, the sign of culture and physical sensuality. All cultures will continue to erode especially indigenous, tribal and ethnic cultures. The new cyber world is typical of something without physical form or physical sensuality, and indicates its strong affinity to Scorpio (due to its almost total lack of Taurus attributes). The virtual world is still only in its early days. Expect continuing and further rapid development of all virtual outlets including all media possibilities and the Internet.

The Overflow from the Scorpio Sub-Age commencing c.1994 also coincided with a significant change in the mood of the world - possibly labeled as `post-modern’. Previously Sagittarian optimism ruled supreme from its overflow commencing c.1820, even though it oversaw a century and a half of carnage expected from any Fire sign. Everything looked rosier in the future as improvements, developments and standard of living raced forward at an accelerating rate. It was assumed that industry and the economy would produce a world with a standard of living and level of ease formally only a pipe dream.

The mood will continue to sour in the 21st Century. This desultory mood had a precedent. Only about 2000 years earlier, the Roman Empire also moved from a Sagittarian Sub-Age (c.340 BCE – 160 BCE) to a Scorpio Sub-Age (c.160 BCE – 21 CE). However even in Roman days, it’s the overflow that shows the greatest social changes. Around 21 CE at the close of the Scorpio Sub-Age, the overflow from the peaking Scorpio Sub-Age took over from the overflow from the previous Sagittarius Sub-Age. Most of the 1st and 2nd Centuries CE came under Scorpio’s sombre shadow.

Roman writers commented on this transformation from ebullience to decline. In “The Oxford History of the Classical World” it states:

`The Elder Seneca, writing under Tiberius or Caliguila, is an early witness to the discussion of corruption and decline which is prominent in first-century speculation. He gave weight to three causes of deterioration: a political cause, the loss of republican liberty; a moral cause, the idleness and indiscipline of sensation-seeking youth; and finally the mere malevolence of the natural order which lets nothing stay at the peak of its development.’

Not only is the an allusion to a lost peak time, which was a reference to the influence of the previous Sagittarius Sub-Age, but the reference to Sagittarian ruled `morals’ further cements the case.

The same text has the most revealing insight by the Roman writer Lucan (39 CE – 65):

`The world is swept along by blind chance; we lie when we say that Jupiter reigns’

It must be remembered that Jupiter rules Sagittarius. It is remarkable that many aware individuals throughout history have been able to sense the astrological periods even without technical knowledge of them.

It is worth noting at this juncture Jesus’ appearance at this critical cusp at the end of the Scorpio Sub-Age and the Scorpio Age-Decan (the first age-decan of the Pisces Age). This shows similarity to the appearances of Shakespeare, Nostradamus and da Vinci at the end of the Pisces Age (and Pisces Age-Decan). The resurrection attributed to Jesus by Christians has very strong symbolic relationship to Scorpio, the sign of death and rebirth. Christianity also appeared to ride the Scorpio Age-Decan Overflow to greatness, as did the Muslims with the following Cancer Age-Decan.

Jesus was not known in his time other than by a relative handful of people in an insignificant outpost of the `civilised’ world. It took centuries for his teachings to become known. This hidden aspect plus spiritual nature of his teachings shows Scorpio correspondences – especially the allusion to needing to be reborn to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. If someone was doing something comparable to Jesus today, it is unlikely many would even know about it!

By the mid 1st Century in Rome, the influence from the first sub-age decan of the Libra Sub-Age (c.22 CE – 202) in the Pisces Age, the Gemini Sub-Age Decan (c.22 CE – 81), could be discerned. One area of affinity for Gemini is the novel. Roman intellectuals frowned upon novels as beneath mention. Nevertheless, even in the inhospitable martial conditions of ancient Rome, under the tempest from the Aries Age Overflow, a minor literary revival occurred in line with the overflow from the Gemini Sub-Age Decan. “The Oxford History of the Classical World” reports on this period in Rome:

`Perhaps we should not be surprised to find in the novel, the most despised of all the genres, unfettered by literary convention, unencumbered by the legacy of great predecessors, a new sparkle and vitality.’

Extant novels from the period are a rarity but the novel that “The Oxford History of the Classical World” is referring to in this Gemini period is “Satyricon” by Petronius (believed ordered to commit suicide by Nero in 66 CE). Appropriate in a period overshadowed by Scorpio with a developing Gemini influence, this famous story is told by a `thief, pervert, parasite, and man of the world.’ –a fitting description for at least one of the Gemini twins. The Scorpio element is very strong with sex being the major theme - to the point of obscenity.

Freed from the overbearing military and boorish nature of Aries Age Overflow of Roman times, the overflow from the current Gemini Sub-Age Decan (c.1994 CE – 2053), that will greatly affect the second half of the 21st Century, will come into its own. This should coincide with a period of superb literature, novels and novelists. Some prodding and early developments along the literary pathway should be discernable in the first half of the 21st Century, but the main show will be in the second half.

The Gemini Sub-Age-Decan (c.1994 – 2055) of the current Libra Sub-Age is the key new ingredient to insinuate itself into world affairs. This is the growth area. It will not be limited to novelists and lawyers. Advances and developments should be expected in all areas related to Gemini. This will include the dramatic increase in the fecundity of cosmopolitan life, developments in automobiles and communication. This would imply that the dramatic acceptance of email in the 1990’s as the new communication medium is but the Model-T Ford compared to what is in store. This is especially favoured as email-style communication invokes both Scorpio as part of the new virtual culture and Gemini. Students will come to the fore again, if not similar to those rebellious days of the anti-war protests in the 1960’s, then at least a potent and rising force in society.

The Scorpio Sub-Age Overflow will ensure that AIDS will remain a serious world problem and will be probably the scourge of the 21st Century. The sexual revolution will continue unabated which includes birth control. DNA is the inner mechanism of sex, and thus comes within Scorpio’s frame of reference. Genetic engineering in all its forms and guises will continue its thrust forward. Cures to many diseases will increasingly be dependent upon genetic manipulation, as they already are commencing to be. A transformation in the whole approach to medicine and health issues must be considered to be in the offering – though it probably will take about a century and a half to play out. The quest for longevity, based mainly on holistic practices, is probably the thin edge of the wedge.

The new Gemini Sub-Age Decan will see the diseases such as TB, emphysema, whooping cough, asthma, bronchitis and any problems associated with the lungs raise their profile as the century proceeds. TB is already on the increase due to antibiotic resistance of new TB strains, particularly in countries like India. The expected rise in pollution, that the Scorpio Overflow predicts, will also probably have a very adverse affect on people’s lungs – an issue to be dealt with at the second half of this century.

Gemini is also the sign of the twins, and whenever a twin sign affects the world, some kind of split or schism occurs. The current Gemini Sub-Age-Decan’s parent is the Libran Sub-Age – itself a twin sign. This will probably create another world polarisation. Libra rules China, and Asia in general, so it is highly likely that a West versus Asia or America versus China polarity develops as the new political order. This would not be dependent upon China remaining communistic. However such a polarity should not be at its critical point until around the end of the Libra Sub-Age around 2180. In the meantime, Gemini should inspire some other kind of political schism in the world.

Many different scenarios for the new schism are possible. One possibility is that the world political situation fragments like the city-states of ancient Greece. Another possibility is an economic war between some of the worlds’ trading blocs, as Gemini is the trading sign. A pollution schism between over-polluting regions and under-polluting regions as the Gemini Sub-Age-Decan has to work with the Scorpio Overflow. It must be remembered that students will be a developing political force in the 21st Century and may be involved in the Gemini schism. Intellectual property issues are bound to figure in the coming fray. The world may split into two of more communications-intellectual property blocs.

Until the Gemini Sub-Age Decan exerts its influence somewhere in the second half of the 21st Century, it will be Pax America. There is a 60 year gap between the previous schism based on the middle Pisces Sub-Age Decan (its main overflow period was 1936 – 1994) of the Scorpio Sub-Age (that affected most of the second half of the 20th Century) and the coming Gemini schism. The previous Pisces schism was capitalism versus communism.

Pollution, social and cultural `disintegration’ (for some, evolution for others), and a sour or sarcastic outlook will dictate the atmosphere. Even a serious despot, tyrant or two will create some havoc. Honesty will all but disappear in public affairs as a different ethos, often based on the subtle use of power, drives societies in place of enlightened ideals from the former Sagittarius Sub-Age Overflow. Cities will make Sodom and Gomorrah their archetypes, as all true cities do, and will dominate the world’s social outlook.

Many developments of great significance will go unnoticed until the very end, as Scorpio is a secretive sign with a strong hidden element. Whatever does not get `reborn’ or transformed will probably be cast aside. Aquarius will always be having an accelerating effect with each century. Democracy, personal freedom and technological discoveries will continue putting pressure on a world still imbued with a medieval outlook from the Pisces Overflow.

World history is usually a case of `three steps forward, one step back’. The 21st Century will be one step back. It will not be a literal step back as nearly everything will keep advancing. It will be a step back in spirit. The world will behave as if it had just awoken from an all night party with a hangover, and now has to clean up the mess. However Air signs like Gemini always bring some kind of intellectual excitement, so there should never be a dull moment – at least in the second half of the 21st Century. This will be one of those centuries that the Chinese would say to their enemy or opponent -`may you live in interesting times’.

Despite the possible sombre mood for the 21st Century, Scorpio does imply improvement through transformation. The 1917 communist revolution in Russia and final collapse of communism in the USSR (significantly a little over a sub-age-decan later) can also be seen as Scorpio in action. Russia was the most significant medieval European power at the beginning of the 20th Century. The temporary communist rule dragged Russia out of medievalism and placed huge swathes of its society into the modern (Aquarian) era. The final stage of this Scorpio transformation appears to be currently playing itself out. Scorpio does appear to be doing some of the legwork of the Aquarian Age.

There are many other issues that have a strong relationship with the astrological periods affecting the world in the 21st Century. Scorpio ruled atomic energy and weapons are some of those issues. The status of women is another. Anti-Globalism is another trend, though it will probably be short-lived. However it is not possible to cover all issues in a brief overview. Further details of these and other related issues can be found at the macro-astrology website.

Does the macro-astrology hypothesis stand up under the limelight? The material presented in this paper is only a small example of the research that I have undertaken, but all of the key principles have been introduced. No matter which age or part of an age is chosen at random, the correlation between the astrological periods of the time and associated historical events consistently indicates a clear connection. As clear a connection as found in genethlialogical astrology with the twelve tropical zodiacal signs. Like genethlialogical astrology, it is only through direct contact by personal investigation that a full understanding is possible. Despite the brevity of this paper, I believe the small number of samples of correlations and predictive techniques underscore the subtlety and power of the macro-astrology hypothesis.


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