Enter Mars - The God of War
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The terrorist strikes on New York and the Pentagon on Tuesday 11 September 2001 were obliquely foreshadowed in a recent published article on macro-astrology. The following quote is extracted from the article `The Cusp of Ages’ published in `The FAA Journal’ June 2001. (`The FAA Journal’ is published quarterly by the Federation of Australian Astrologers)

“There are other macro-astrological indicators indicating minor wars, military tension and vindictive strikes in the current century. The next 15 years is one of only two periods in this century where the Fire element makes an appearance, and wherever there is Fire, the flames of military conflict are fanned.”

In the above article I did not dally with the war and violence theme because in the overall perspective, war is not the major issue of this century. However Mars, the God of War, is making one of his regular appearances - and the world has to take notice. This is compounded by the combination of Scorpio (traditionally ruled by Mars) and Aries (ruled by Mars) which in anyone’s language is a potent mixture. In fact it was this combination of signs that inspired me to predict `vindictive strikes’.

I have only started to include minor predictions at the end of my published articles this year. However macro-astrology is so powerful that it provides a very good contextual basis for any time or period, past, present or future. Some astrologers may consider the above prediction to be far too general to claim it forecasts the terrorist attack on September 11th – and they would be correct! Macro-Astrology is not event orientated – however it provides the context for events. Macro-astrology forecasts are based on precessional ages lasting about 2150 years each, and their sub-periods. Until recently the smallest sub-period I had identified had been 15 years. Therefore any forecasts using macro-astrology were limited to this minimum 15 years period, which is mentioned in the above forecast.

Another published prediction of interest is an extract from the article `Anti-Global Protests’ first published in May 2001 and appearing in `ACRUX’ Vol. 10 No 3 June/July 2001 (published by The Queensland Federation of Astrologers Inc):

“So while protesters bitterly complain about globalism, capitalism and free-trade, this is soon to be replaced. Fifteen years from now, the world will have to deal with the full effects of the Leo Micro-Age, which could commence anytime, and may already have started. Leo is opposite Aquarius. Will Aquarius get its bashing then? Will protesters rail against computers and technology. Will some societies attack small minorities that they perceive to be too different than the local mainstream? Will schizophrenics be imprisoned or locked away. Will personal and democratic freedoms be increasingly curtailed? Will revolutionary protesters, ruled by Aquarius, be subdued? Will strong pressure be placed upon `rogue states’ to conform?”

It is easy to see Osama bin Laden fitting the description of a revolutionary and thus also coming within the scope of the above, though not as a revolutionary protestor but as a revolutionary terrorist. Governments worldwide are talking about limiting personal freedoms in the wake of the terrorist attacks, well within the confines of the above prediction. The US and allies have given rogue states notice since September 11th that they will not tolerate terrorism.

So why the sudden terrorist strikes, outbreak of war and patriotic response by both sides involved? In brief it is due to a number of sub-periods of the Aquarian Age. The main sub-periods of ages are sub-ages. The Scorpio Sub-Age (c.1805 – 1979) recently finished. Due to the retrograde nature of precessional ages and their sub-periods, all ages and their sub-periods are strongest at their end and weakest at their beginning. So though the world is in the beginning of the Libran Sub-Age of the Aquarian Age, Libra is very weak. In contrast, the Scorpio Sub-Age, which has recently finished, is at its full strength. Like a breaking wave, the influence of the Scorpio Sub-Age will wash over the whole of the 21st Century, and is especially strong in the first half of the century.

Within the Libran Sub-Age (commencing c.1979) lies 12 micro-ages of approximately 15 years each. It appears that the world is in the second micro-age of the Libran Sub-Age – the Leo Micro-Age. The 3 decans of Leo are: Leo; Sagittarius and Aries – but due to the retrograde nature of precessional ages and their sub-periods, these decans of the Leo Micro-Age are reversed and appear chronologically as: Aries; Sagittarius and Leo. Working with the decans of micro-ages (of approximately 5 years each) is new territory to me, however based on previous research, it would be fairly safe to speculate that the world finds itself in the Sagittarian decan of this little 15 years Leo Micro-Age.

Why Sagittarius and not Aries? Because it is in the following period that a signs’ greatest feats appear. Aries does begin appearing in its own decan, but it will appear most noticeably in the following period – the Sagittarian decan. Similarly, though Sagittarius is the micro-age decan of the moment, it is not until the following Leo Micro-Age Decan that Sagittarius will manifest its full strength. Therefore on the 5 years micro-age decan level it is Aries Micro-Age Decan Overflow, and on the sub-age level it is the Scorpio Sub-Age Overflow. Scorpio and Aries is an explosive mix, but only for a short time.

Where is the world heading in the next 4 or 5 years? Once this Aries imbroglio is overcome, it is Sagittarius’ turn. Sagittarius is a Fire sign and whenever a Fire sign appears, the flames of War are fanned, but not to the extent of pure Aries. Sagittarius brings good cheer and fortune, good luck and prosperity. Sagittarius has already begun, but it must labour beneath the military turmoil of Aries for a few more years yet. Australia has a very strong affinity to Sagittarius. Perhaps this explains Australia’s relative immunity to the global economic downturn over the last few years?

Is it a coincidence that the 2000 Sydney Olympics occurred in Australia in a Sagittarian Micro-Age Decan under the influence of the Aries Micro-Age Decan Overflow? Sagittarius Australia and Aries sport? It is only circumstantial evidence but interesting nevertheless. Australia should be looking towards a very favourable time 4 or 5 years from now. However despite the Sagittarius influence around the corner in 4 or 5 years time, this will bring only temporary benefit to Australia and the world in general.

One thing is certain, people are going to feel vulnerable no matter which micro-age or decan is having its day. As the micro-ages and their decans move forward, Scorpio’s laser moves through these signs creating upheaval and change, and in the process upsets the tranquility and security (Taurus) that everyone has to kiss goodbye to in this century. Vindictive strikes are only one avenue for Scorpio, it will find the chink in the world’s armour no matter which sign is the sign of the day. However apart from volcanic upheavals like the terrorist attacks, Scorpio’s main and most noticeable ongoing themes in the 21st Century and beyond will be pollution, AIDS, and the new cyber world.