Terry MacKinnell - A Short Biography

Born 14 December 1951, around 8:41am in Sydney, Australia where I lived until 1980, except for 2 years attending a junior high school in California 1963-65. I became interested in astrology in 1972, and I have studied, researched and sometimes practiced it on a part time basis ever since. Early in the 1970’s I also learned from practical experience how to run a business, double entry accounting, company law etc.

By 1978 I was married and with a son and I was an assistant manager of an import company. In early 1980 we packed up and moved about 850 miles north of Sydney to Mullumbimby, in the hinterland behind Byron Bay. Within a few months we bought a small health food store and I utilised the skills learnt since the early 70’s in managing and developing a small business. Over the next decade this business grew into a small but thriving chain of three stores.

By 1982 I had three children and a broken marriage. I purchased my first computer in 1984 so that I could write astrological computer programs, and finally did print a Chinese astrological ephemeris for my own use. In 1987 I came up with the inspiration for macro-astrology, and did my initial research. I sometimes wrote for the Byron Bay Echo newspaper in the 1980's, as their education correspondent, but mainly as the writer of their weekly star sign predictions.

After travelling for almost six months in Southeast Asia in 1988/9 I worked mainly with computers and became a homespun DbaseIV programmer. I met my current partner in 1989. I also dabbled at being a part-time computer teacher, but this was short lived as I moved to Brisbane, Queensland in early 1992. The move to Brisbane coincided with a renewed drive to get on with my research into macro-astrology. After my initial research in 1987, I periodically reviewed and researched more material for a book on macro-astrology, but its scope I found initially daunting. I wrote an introduction for a book early in 1992, and did considerable writing and research in mid 1992, in between part time contract computing and teaching.

In 1994 I self published the booklet Research Notes on Macro-Astrology Part 1 The Rectification of the Aquarian Age. For the rest of the 90’s I was the finance manager for an outdoor conference centre about an hours drive from the city of Brisbane. In 2001 I became finance manager and researcher for a small innovative web based company doing research into the use of technology by businesses and organisations.

Except for an extremely short course in Vedic astrology, I have always taught myself, though to put it properly, I have allowed astrology to teach me directly. I am a very conservative astrologer in my practice of western astrology, except for my use of the Dark Moon Lilith (DML). The DML I use is controversial amongst Lilith enthusiasts. However I have been successfully using it in western natal and progressed charts since the mid 1970’s. I became interested in DML principally due to the fact that it was conjunct my ascendant at birth so it provoked my curiosity.

I have studied Chinese astrology (i.e. the signs and elements) and began learning Vedic astrology in the mid 1980’s. I depend equally upon Vedic and western astrology as I find that they are complementary, not mutually exclusive. However I do not mix western with Vedic techniques. I am currently a member of the Queensland branch of the Federation of Australian Astrologers (FAA), the Gold Coast astrological Association and ISAR. I write regularly for the Queensland branch newsletter, The FAA quarterly journal and intend to write articles for publication by ISAR in the near future.

I like mild skiing every once in a while, the occasional game of tennis, some hiking (mainly in nearby rainforests) and regular walks along the beach for exercise. I have had chronic fatigue syndrome twice so I have to avoid stress in my life. I keep pace with politics (as an observer only), scientific books (especially on cosmology, string theory etc), foreign movies (especially French comedies) and when the opportunity arises some overseas backpacking and snorkeling in Australia and South East Asia. I enjoy public speaking and have done a number of lectures and presentations on astrology including Vedic astrology, the Dark Moon Lilith but mainly macro-astrology. My major passion in life is utlising the techniques of self-knowledge as revealed by Maharaji.