Welcome to macro-astrology. Macro-astrology is a term that indicates two things. Firstly it indicates that we are examining the `big picture'. Macro-astrology is the astrology of the precessional ages such as the Age of Pisces, Age of Aquarius and so on. These ages vary in length but are almost 2160 years each for the ages in our neighborhood. The astrological influences of these ages appear to affect whole cultures, nations and social trends - not individuals. Therefore macro-astrology is the astrology of the macrocosm - `big picture' astrology.

Secondly there are many hypotheses about the ages. Most astrologers believe that the world remains in the Age of Pisces though many astrologers acknowledge there does seem to be a lot of Aquarius about in the world today. For example Aquarius rules computers and technology and there does seem to be a lot of computers and technological development in our world.

The macro-astrology hypothesis is a very radical or innovative approach to the precessional ages. It is based on a very different alignment and approach to the ages compared to all other research astrologers. Therefore to differentiate between this new approach to the precessional age and the standard or `mainstream' astrological approach the term `macro-astrology' has been developed to signify this new hypothesis.

A hypothesis is on the way to being a fully-fledged theory. Until a new approach is accepted or receives widespread acclaim it is a hypothesis. Once it is accepted a hypothesis becomes a theory indicating its general acceptance or recognition. Macro-astrology is only a hypothesis because it has not been accepted as the most plausible theory that explains the precessional ages and their periods of influence. The challenge facing macro-astrology is its evolution from a hypothesis to a theory.

The documents offered at this introduction to macro-astrology are all introductory but have been written at different times and from different perspectives. If you really want to get a good all round understanding of the macro-astrology hypothesis I would suggest that you read all the introductions. The various introductions are as follows:

The Historical Introduction is an abridged and revised approach to macro-astrology taken from a booklet published in 1994 `Research Notes On Macro-Astrology Part 1 The Rectification of the Aquarian Age'. This introduction outlines the approach and techniques originally developed in the evolution of the macro-astrology hypothesis. It is the only introduction that devotes a lot of attention to the actual correlation of aspects of the precessional ages and historical event, which is found in Part 2. This is the longest introduction.

The Concise Introduction re-examines the various theoretical bases for the precessional ages. It is relatively short and there is no examination of historical correlations between aspects of precessional ages and historical events. This introduction is suitable if you do not have the time to read the full introduction found in the historical introduction. This introduction was produced in 2001.

The Contemporary Introduction is a brief introduction similar to concise. It is a slightly later version and examines in more detail the possible link between the zodiacal constellations and the precessional ages, only briefly referred to in the Concise Introduction. This was written in late 2001.

The Glossary is provided in case you may be having difficulty with some of the astrological terms used in macro-astrology. If you have trouble with any other astrological terms or definitions please contact us on the Contact Us page and we will include the query into the Glossary.