The Macro-Astrology Research Center

This is a research site for people who are actively researching the precessional ages or want to delve deeper into the research that has been undertaken to date into the precessional ages. Most of the published articles on macro-astrology are available plus lots of relevant information and background detail.

Unlike this site, the Macro-Astrology Research Center is a membership site. You can freely view some of the material on the site but to access the bulk of the archive documents you will need to join as a member of the site. The membership process is simple and fast. If you do not currently have a Microsoft Passport it will be necessary to obtain one, but the whole process is automatic - though it will require another one of those user names and user passwords.

Members of the Macro-Astrology Research Center automatically get updates, details of new research, articles etc and can participate in a members’ discussion area. However the discussion area is a minor aspect of the site and the site is not a chat or discussion site.

Feel free to check it out. If you are at all interested in pursuing your interest in the precessional ages in general, and the macro-astrology hypothesis in particular, I would encourage you to join the Macro-Astrology Research Center and participate in this revolutionary approach to the precessional ages.