I see you every morning as I do my daily rounds
We talk of pain and pallor and your liver and your lungs.
I listen to your questions and report your test results,
your x-rays and your scans.

But now as I begin to leave,
I linger at your door
And notice things about you
That I've never seen before,

The painting on the wall, the one you brought from home,
Is that Eros, your God of Love, calling to you now?
And that music you've been playing,
Is that Him begging for more?

Embarrassed by the words I hear, I turn my glance around
And notice in the corner your make-up, wig and gown,
Is that You calling back to Him,
Yes, yes, I'm coming as soon as I am free?

The painting on the wall, the music in the room,
Your make up, wig, and gown,
all tell a truth of what's inside of you , a truth
that lies beyond the reach of x rays and the scans.

I pause before I leave your room, and answer to your Soul,
Forget the tests and all the rest-- that's not your real concern,
Follow Eros and your Gods and heed their sacred calls,
for Life goes on no matter what and She is calling you.

Paulette Mehta