Break Time

    I lift the Marlboro pack from my shirt pocket.
    Dig my lighter from my jeans.
    Sliding into the cold chair next to the heater,
    I turn it on and watch the amber coils come alive.
    My mind wonders as the smoke rises and swirls in front of me.
    Remembering the night, you,
    I am warmed from the images my mind recalls.
    Lost in sweet imagination in the darkeness of the room,
    Shattering the darkness with light, suddenly, the door opens
    "Hi, you like sitting in the dark?" He flips the switch.
    "Oh, Hi Doug, I didn't even notice.
    I was some place else"

    By Janet Tucker

Poem Created From Magnetic Poetry Link

    Standing Out in the Crowd

    "Who's that? Over there--
    in the Yellow!"
    He asked,
    As he stared into the crowd,
    Images of dandelions and marigolds
    Warmly grew in his mind,
    Vibrant, and fresh,
    Glowing against the muted hues
    Of brown, gray and tan.
    His eyes lingered on the yellow.
    For a moment, he was the bee
    searching for his color.
    He smiled.
    He approached.
    Yes, yellow,
    I'll wear yellow tonight
    She said to herself
    As she looked in the mirror,
    Imagining the evening to come.

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