Poetry for Personal Growth and Academic Development

Instructor/Webmaster: Jan Tucker Collaborating Instructors: Michael Briggs, (University of Tennessee); David Hurner; Harriett Groom, (Lake City Community College) Guest Poet: Jose Antonio Arunda, Cancun, Mexico

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Learning Objectives:


  1. Students will learn to define poetry as poets define poetry, and explain the difference between poetry and prose.
  2. Students will learn to appreciate the value of poetry as a means of personal growth through poetry reading and poetry writing.
  3. Students will learn brainstorming, free-writing, and editing techniques for creating vivid imagery and specific details in their writing.
  4. Students will develop a resource (annotated bibliography) based on personal interests.
  5. Student teachers will develop a curriculum guide for teaching poetry within Language Arts and across disciplines.
  6. Students will evaluate their communication styles, readiness for online learning, and this class.

Computer Communication and information Gathering:

  1. Students will publish their poems on the World Wide Web.
  2. Communication will be exclusively through posted messages in Forums, Chat, and Email.
  3. Students will "Surf the Web" to discover and review poetry resources.
  4. Students will learn Internet research skills, and discover criteria for evaluation of online materials.
  5. Students will learn how to use software for listening to poetry (real audio), If possible students will also learn to use ftp programs to upload files. Motivated students will make their own web pages using an editor.
  6. Students will gain experience in the distance learning environment without the pressure of credits and grades.


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